2003 NCTA Study Tour: "Japan: Perspectives on History and Values"

June 27-July 13, 2003


This program included the following components in addition to the time spent in Japan: orientation, follow-up, classroom implementation and dissemination. NCTA alumni of the Pittsburgh region's NCTA sites (Western Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland) who completed all requirements by February 17, 2003 were eligible to apply.


A selection committee chose sixteen teachers for the program. Diana Marston Wood, Assistant Director of ASC, Coordinator of the Pittsburgh Regional Site of NCTA, and three-time seminar leader led the program together with David Kenley and Keiko Miller, 2003 NCTA seminar leaders. Other Asian specialists joined the group during the weeks in Asia.


Program Goals

The 2003 East Asian Study Program aims to provide depth of understanding and valuable first hand experience for NCTA alumni. Through its emphasis on history and values the program builds on seminar themes and hopes to encourage teachers to continue their study of Japan. Program objectives also include the improvement of the participant's classroom teaching about Japan, the dissemination of teaching materials and techniques throughout school districts and state regions, and the incorporation of participants into a wider web of NCTA collegiality and collaboration.

The study tour component of the program was arranged through Chinasmith Inc. of New York City and provided visits to the following locations in Japan: Tokyo, Matsumoto, Takayama, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Mt. Koya, and Kyoto.



The program is supported by a grant from the Freeman Foundation.