Study Tours in Asia



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NCTA alumni are eligible for a variety of summer experiences in East Asia sponsored by both the University of Pittsburgh coordinating site and the national NCTA. Study tours typically occur during the summer and NCTA works hard to make the tours affordable and rewarding experiences for educators. 


We are not offering a study tour to East Asia for the 2020 summer through University of Pittsburgh. However, please check our partners at GEEO for a variety of possibilities for study tours for teachers throughout the world.

Visit GEEO at:


Past Study Tours

The most recent NCTA Study Tour (2019) was to China. For more information on past study tours please click on the links below:


    2019: China

    2018: Nepal & Tibet

    2017: Vietnam & Cambodia 

    2015: China 

  2012: China 

  2011: China 

  2010: Japan 

  2009: China & Vietnam 

  2008: Japan 

  2007: China 

  2006: Japan 

  2005: China/Korea 

  2004: China

  2003:  Japan 




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