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The East Asia Gateway for Linking Educators (EAGLE)

The East Asia Gateway for Linking Educators (EAGLE) is an online tool created for NCTA alumni and current participants. It includes a variety of features, such as:

 Teaching Materials Catalog: A database of Asia-related materials (books, curriculum units, videos) that lets you search for materials in a variety of ways and it also lets you rate and review materials according to their usefulness in a classroom setting. Teachers who are currently taking an        NCTA seminar should use EAGLE to evaluate materials for their Mini-Grants.

 Curriculum Units created by other NCTA alumni, which also has the option to let you upload your own curriculum units for use by other NCTA alumni.

 Media Collection Photo Gallery: A collection of photographs taken by NCTA alumni in Asia (primarily on Study Tours) that are tagged according to certain criteria (such as architecture, clothing, transportation, religion). Teachers may download these photographs and use them in their courses, and may also upload their own photographs of Asia-related content.

 Study Tour Blogs: Since 2009, NCTA alumni on Study Tours to Asia have been required to contribute to a daily blog (including photos) that follows their travels throughout Asia.

To access the EAGLE, click

PLEASE NOTE: Access to this database is limited to current NCTA participants and NCTA Alumni. Before gaining access to theEAGLE, you will need to create an account (go to the EAGLE website and click on the "Create an Account Now"). After you submit your account information, your account will have to be approved by the NCTA webmaster (it may take a day or so for your account to be approved).



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Brazier over fire with tea ceremony utensils. Location: Kyoto

Japan: Places, Images, Times, & Transformations is a an online curriculum project created by the Japan Studies faculty at the University of Pittsburgh in collaboration with the Asian Studies Center. Japan: PITT is a module-based learning site complete with a dynamic set of thematic lessons that explore how Japan has influenced and been influenced by Asia and the world culturally, socially, and politcally. The module-based learning design allows users to explore Japan via the visual and performing arts, history, economics, music, politics, sociology, religion, anthropology and broader themes such as national identity. In addition to the essays and articles, Japan:PITT also includes videos, maps, timelines, music, a glossary, and hundreds of images of Japan. 

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Teacher Resource Library

The Asian Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh maintains a lending library for educators with an assortment of books, tapes, videos, artifact lending kits, language programs, and curriculum guides. Materials are available for all age levels including documentary programs, feature films, animated films, books, lesson plans, and more! All material may be borrowed for up to two weeks at a time. The borrowing period can be extended based on the written / phone request from the borrower. For borrowers beyond the Pittsburgh region it is crucial to return materials via trackable or insured mail.


Hours of Access

Access to the Teacher Resource Library is during weekdays by appointment. Please contact Stephen Wludarski by email at to schedule a visit, or call the Asian Studies Center at 412-648-7370.


List of Available Materials

Check out our Virtual Book & Curriculum Materials Teacher Resource Catalogs below.

Browse the Main Booklist or select country/group specific tag located along the bottom of the virtual catalog.


To download copies of Book and Video Catalog are available below.



Downloadable Version of Teacher Resource Library Catalogs

Books & Curriculum Catalog (Adobe Acrobat PDF)

Films and Documentaries Catalog (Adobe Acrobat PDF)


Catalog Arrangement

The BOOKS in the Catalog are arranged according to the following categories:

Japan Children's Books

Japan Books

Japan Curriculum Materials

China Children's Books

China Books

China Curriculum Materials

Korea Children's Books

Korea Books

Korea Curriculum Materials

Southeast Asia Books

Southeast Asia Curriculum Materials

Asian American & General Asia Books

Asian American & General Asia Curriculum Materials


The FILMS are arranged according to the following categories: 

Japan Feature Films

Japan Animated Films

Japan Documentaries

China Feature Films

China Documentaries

Korea Feature Films

Korea Documentaries

South Asia Feature Films

South Asia Documentaries

South East Asia Documentaries

General Asia & Asian American Documentaries

Hours of Access

Access to the Teacher Resource Library is during weekdays by appointment. Please contact Stephen Wludarski by email at to schedule a visit, or call the Asian Studies Center at 412-648-7370.

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