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The Sound of (Japanese) Music Series - Resources for Educators

“The Sound of (Japanese) Music,” was series of presentations and performances by four Japanese music ethnomusicologists that occurred in the late spring/summer of 2020. Designed to deepen your level of understanding of traditional Japanese music, these presentations expand your knowledge of Japanese history and culture, including modern music innovations. The presentations covered the evolving traditions of the kotoshakuhachishamisen and the recent development of taiko drumming.

Listed below are each lecture with links to the video recording/essay and handout/resource list associated with each presentation. 


Adachi Ginko Kongo no Tsubone 1880.

Koto: Its Music and Musicians, Yesterday and Today with Dr. Anne Prescott

Presentation and performance recording

Click here to access Dr. Prescott's Lecture on the Koto

Presentation handout and materials

Koto: It's Music and Musicians, Yesterday and Today Presentation Handout

Koto Resources for Educators

Koto Music. Japan Digest. The National Clearinghouse for United States-Japan Studies.


Wada Sanzo Priests of the Fuke Sect - Komuso

The World in a Single Sound - the Shakuhachi, its History, and its Music with Mr. Devon Tipp

Presentation Essay 

At the request of the artist, we did not record the lecture or performance.

Mr. Tipp will, however, be writing an essay on shakuhachi based on his presentation (coming soon).

Presentation handout and materials

Shakuhachi Resources List

For more information on Devon Tipp's work, please visit


Strings Revolution: History and Music of Shamisen and Geisha with Dr. Yuko Eguchi-Wright

Presentation and performance recording

Click here to access Dr. Eguchi-Wright's lecture on the Shamisen.

Presentation handout and materials

Strings Revolution: Shamisen Handout




Wada Sanzo Taiko Zukuri - Japanese Vocation Series Three

Taiko: Tradition as a Basis for Innovation with Dr. Ben Pachter

Presentation and performance recording

Click here to access Dr. Pachter's lecture on Taiko

Presentation handout and materials

Taiko Resource List (Video Links and Recommended Readings)

Taiko in the US - Recommended Reading


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